Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision:

To be the go-to resource for expertise in human resource technology, innovation, systems and analytics.

Our Purpose:

IHRIM is the community for sharing expert knowledge that leverages HR systems, technologies, and analytics for business excellence.

Our Values:

Connections / Relationships
IHRIM recognizes the importance of networking and relationships in providing positive career and personal enhancement.

Integrity / Trust / Honesty
We are committed to integrity, honesty, and trust everyone to do what is best for the member, the customer, each other, and the Association.

Quality / Professionalism
We deliver high quality, world class products and services and meaningful content.

We value our members
Our members are the core of the Association and we strive to develop and communicate our membership value proposition.

Learning & Knowledge
We provide and promote opportunities for continuous learning to the IHRIM community.

Have fun / enjoyment
Involvement in IHRIM and on behalf of the industry must be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Value those that contribute to our community
IHRIM benefits from and values volunteers and others who contribute to our community and act as a resource for colleagues.

Unbiased / Neutrality
We provide a neutral, unbiased forum that promotes the exchange of information about HR technology and information management.

Diversity of ideas
We respect diversity of opinion and perspective and nurture communication in its numerous forms and formats.