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Thursday, 22 September 2016 04:19

Nery Castillo McIntyre of SanDisk Wins at Workforce Analytics Forum

The Workforce Analytics Forum has ended and I was delighted with the quality of presentations, audience interaction, and enthusiasm for HR’s role in using data to inform talent management decisions.

Let’s start with the Data Heroes Analyst Challenge…we kicked off the morning with a Mixed Martial Arts “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” introduction (I highly recommend that you search for a video of it) before launching into the challenge.

We had three data/software/visualization experts (Alan Bainbridge of Intermountain Healthcare, Nery Castillo McIntyre of San Disk, and Michael Grimm of Intengis) spend all of half an hour crafting algorithms, images, and stories based on a 37,000+ person dataset. What they did in 30 minutes I couldn’t do in 30 days!

The audience had the opportunity to witness how the three pivoted the data, determined what issues to focus upon, built graphics and, in turn, presented their results. Questions came thick and fast – on the tools being used, the choice of storyboards, and what would happen if only 35, rather than 30, minutes were on the clock.

In a photo-finish, the winner was….Nery Castillo McIntyre. He raised the Belt of Champions (again, search for the video) and will enjoy the fruits of his labor for all time (or at least until IHRIM’s Annual Conference in 2017). Thank you to all of the participants, who were very graceful in accepting my limitations in transitioning visuals from laptops to big screens.

Other comments of reference in the subsequent thought leader presentations:

  • Let’s feed our leaders some questions to consider – don’t expect they know where to go next
  • Data is the price of admission – if we bring data, we get the opportunity to ask questions about future priorities
  • If you tell me [insert urban legend], I can myth-bust that for you
  • I don’t know what to do with this data (said the manager)
  • If there is no burning platform, how do you make the case for analytics?

Thank you to everyone involved in the Forum. Am signing off and heading overnight to Detroit....

Written by Mick Collins

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