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Tuesday  September 20, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast  
8:45 AM Mick Collins Welcome Remarks
9:00 AM David Swanson, Executive VP of HR, SAP Keynote Presentation: HR Analytics – From the Back Room to the Board Room
9:30 AM RJ Milnor, Head of Global Talent Analytics, Chevron HR Analytics Transformation at Chevron: We often hear that HR should use data and analytics to help support business performance.  But how do you build a sustainable organization to do this?  From 2013-2015, Chevron embarked on a journey to transform its Workforce Analytics capability from a decentralized system of reporting to a “single source of truth” that partners with leaders to improve business decisions. Learn how the company overcame common barriers to analytics success, built organizational capability across the enterprise, and created a centralized Center of Expertise to drive efficiency and effectiveness.
10:20 AM Break


10:50 AM Chase Rowbotham, Genentech Essential Steps, and Common Mistakes, in Creating the Structure and Agenda for People Analytics: In this session, Chase will discuss the right way to build a People Analytics function and share several examples of analytics investigations his team is conducting – ranging from Bay Area housing costs and commute time to measuring diversity - why those topics were selected, and for what purpose the results will be used.
11:40 AM Nery Castillo-McIntyre, SanDisk Open-Sourced Workforce Analytics: When creating predictive models, data scientists are often faced with 3 common tasks; they have to filter down a large list of variables to the most important ones, visualize the impact of those variables in order to effectively communicate results to drive action, and make predictions as accurately as possible. In this session, Nery will explain 3 algorithms he has found useful for those common tasks, and show examples of how they were applied. He will also conduct a demonstration using open source software with sample data.
12:30 PM Lunch


1:00 PM Mick Collins Problem-Solving Session #1: Audience members are encouraged to share their WFA/WFP challenges, and obtain feedback from the group.
1:30 PM Cole Nussbaumer-Knafflic

Storytelling With Data: Stories resonate and stick with your audience in ways that data alone does not. Why wouldn’t you leverage the power of story when communicating with data? Join this engaging session, during which Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic discusses the untapped potential of combining the magic of story with best practices in data visualization for communicating effectively with data. Being able to tell stories with data is a critical skill in our world of ever-increasing data and desire for data-driven decision making. An effective data story can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to communicating the findings of your study, presenting to your board, or simply getting your point across to your audience.

cover storytaling with dataBuy Now!

Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals
by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

2:20 PM Break & Book Signing  
3:00 PM Dr. Kevin Carlson, Virginia Tech The Evolution of Workforce Analytics: Five Myths, Five Challenges, and Five Opportunities: In this thought-provoking session, Dr. Kevin Carlson will prompt audience discussion around 15 topics, drawn from common myths (statements that many perceive to be true, but may be false in part), challenges (information that limits our analytics efforts), and opportunities (what can we do today to drive greater value from our workforce analytics efforts).
4:00 PM TBD Breakout #1: Advancing the Science: Small Group Discussion of Models & Algorithms
4:00 PM TBD Breakout #2: Building the Function: Small Group Discussion on How to Build a CoE
5:00 PM Mick Collins Closing Remarks
5:15 PM

Wednesday   September 21, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast  
8:45 AM Mick Collins Welcome Remarks
9:00 AM Kevin Carlson/Mick Collins Data Heroes Challenge
10:30 AM Break


11:00 AM Terry Lashyn, Director, People Intelligence, ATB Financial; Kristin Starodub, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP Gaining speed with People Analytics
The use of analytics in HR is growing, with organizations aggressively building people analytics teams, buying analytics offerings, and developing analytics solutions. HR now has the chance to demonstrate ROI on its analytics efforts, helping to make the case for further investment. Kristin Starodub will present findings from Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends study which uncovered that many organizations are “gaining speed” in adopting people analytics in their organization. Uncover tips for what organizations are doing to capitalize on positive momentum. In this session, Terry Lashyn, Director, People Intelligence at ATB Financial will also share how in working with Deloitte as their implementation partner ATB Financial was able to utilize their investment in technology to drive from operational to strategic reporting. Terry will share key insights from various stages in the journey ATB Financial has been on in developing and enabling analytic capability in their organization and what lies ahead.
12:00 PM Lunch


1:00 PM Bill Gilmyers, Director of Workforce Planning & Analytics; Brande Gentry, Senior Consultant, Workforce Planning, Kaiser Permanente Using Data to Open the Door: It is the familiar question of “which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”; Do we provide data in response to questions asked or do we use data to elicit questions and start a conversation.  At Kaiser Permanente, the answer is both.  Leaders expect to see data as a first step in the process and it is the key that unlocks the door to further conversations and engagement with stakeholders.  Data begets conversations which beget questions which drive a need for more data. In this case study, Bill and Brande will illustrate how they have used data and data visualization to educate and engage stakeholders around the impacts of internal mobility and its relationship to other key workforce metrics.  They will show how data opened doors and initiated projects more effectively than more traditional approaches.
1:50 PM Kelly Wenzel, OptForce

Two Ends of a Spectrum: One analysts real life journey with workforce planning

Soumya Bonantaya current Senior Workforce Practitioner for Ball, and formerly with CH2MHill, has used advanced simulation optimization techniques to mitigate risk and align strategic workforce plan with the company’s strategic and financial goals.

“Faced with the “silver tsunami”, or the aging and retirement of the current workforce and with fewer replacements moving into the workplace, CH2MHill was confronted with as many as 6,000 unfilled jobs annually. And, this is with hiring all new college graduates with engineering degrees during a ten-year time-frame to replace that retiring workforce.

In addition to the aging workforce, the company was facing competitive recruitment and aggressive growth aspirations; this all comes with a high degree of uncertainty.

To address these workforce-related challenges and risks, the company recognized the need to hire a seasoned SWP practitioner, put together a team to address SWP and in addition, CH2MHill engaged with another Colorado based company, OptTek (using OptForce’s Workforce Planning Solution) that offered the next generation of Strategic Workforce Planning capabilities to support the SWP process.”

The SWP team included Soumya Bonantaya, the then Workforce Analyst who worked alongside David Sutherland in the SWP process with CH2MHill. She will share her experiences with CH2MHill’s SWP journey as well as her current journey with her current company, Ball which has recently acquired its main rival competitor, Rexam. This essentially doubled the size of the acquiring company, Ball.
At Ball she embarks on a journey to instill the culture of data based decision making and is challenged with creating a Workforce Analytics and Planning function to support the organization’s strategic efforts.

Two vastly different journeys in the SWP experience, moving from a sophisticated planning process to building one from the ground up with.

2:40 PM Mick Collins Problem-Solving Session #2: Audience members are encouraged to share their WFA/WFP challenges, and obtain feedback from the group. Also, their takeaways from the event
3:20 PM Mick Collins Closing Remarks
3:30 PM Adjourn  

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