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Wednesday   March 2, 2016

8:45 AM Opening Keynote 
Sponsored by Visier

The Evolution of Workforce Analytics: Five Myths, Five Challenges and Five Opportunities for the Next Decade

Kevin Carlson
Professor & Head, Department of Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
10:15 AM Case Presentation & Discussion

The Value of Workforce Intelligence: Fueling HR Transformation

With recent articles like Harvard Business Review’s “It’s Time to Split HR,” and BersinInsights’ “Will HR Lose the Battle Over Analytics,” 2015 represents a pivotal year for Human Resources as we know it today. The global economic recovery, compounded by demographic shifts, is moving power from employers to employees, turning labor into a seller’s market. As a result, the workforce is becoming an increasingly core strategic consideration to businesses. Workforce Intelligence -- workforce analytics and planning -- arms HR with the insights and capabilities needed for HR to play a more critical role driving business performance than ever before. This panel will include subject matter experts and practitioners.

Presenter: Ian Cook
Director Product Development, Visier

11:00 AM Case Presentation & Discussion

Caterpillar: Constructing an Analytic COE and Predicting Financial Impact of Leadership Development

It’s time to reposition analytics as a way to do business, not just a reporting function. At Caterpillar we’ve set our sights on achieving this by building an analytic COE with strong ties to the business. During this presentation we’ll review the four tiers of leadership analysis conducted with Vestrics that we think will inspire your analytics approach.

Presenter: Cindy Thomas
Senior Workforce Analytics Consultant, Caterpillar Human Services Division 

Presenter: Rana Hobbs
VP of Client Success, Vestrics

12:45 PM Case Presentation & Discussion

HR Analytics at Kellogg’s: Delivering More than the Business Asked For

Take a behind the scenes tour of how the Kellogg Company analytics team steered challenges in the organizational structure to build a foundation for the team that would ultimately align work to HR Accountabilities and exceed expectations for what analytics could deliver. We’ll show you how we leverage our sponsors in the business and executed a grass roots campaign within the organization to build a stronger analytics culture.

Presenter: Matt Ledford
Manager HR Analytics, Kellogg Company

1:30 PM Case Presentation & Discussion

Digital Fingerprints of Leadership: A Unique Methodology for Quantifying Leadership

This presentation will address how to identify areas where communication, respect, and trust are breaking down in your organization. Through the usage of readily available information and metrics you can bring a customized operational focus to the skills, abilities, and behaviors that best fit your organizations strategic intentions. We will present indexes and models that are really about understanding strategic intentions of the business and mapping metrics to measure and monitor behavior. Enterprise-wide data warehouses and big data analytics provide the ability to inform decisions and validate actions like never before. With this information, empowered leaders can manage performance in deeper and more meaningful ways, inspire employee behaviors and achieve desired results. The data outcomes of those actions is identified, quantified, and used as predictive measures that help an organization develop or maintain its desired culture. That means we can build models to assess the impact of organizational leadership changes on culture, engagement, and ultimately the bottom line.

Presenter: Carl Schleyer
Chief Data Scientist, 3D Results Presenter: Joseph Kutter, Talent Analytics Manager, Sears

2:45 PM Data Visualization Workshop Presenter: Mike Harmer
Intermountain Healthcare

Thursday   March 3, 2016

8:45 AM Analytics Challenge

Data Hero Analytics Challenge

The Workforce Analytics Forum Data Hero Analyst Challenge is a fun event that allows for analysts to showcase their abilities, tools, and skill sets in an “Iron Chef” style competition. One week before the competition our analyst competitors will be given a fictitious data set showing turnover, movement, and some demographic information for an organization. Their goal will be to analyze the data and on the day of the Analytics Challenge create a report, dashboard, infographic or other tool in front of our live audience that provides actionable insights and innovative visualizations or techniques. A panel of judges will watch the creation of these tools along with the audience and after 30 minutes of development provide feedback on the analyst creations and declare a “winner” for the competition.

12:30 PM Presentation

Adding Survival Analysis to your Analytic Toolbox

Although traditional turnover and retention metrics highlight how many people leave an organization, these metrics seldom provide a framework for measuring how likely someone is to leave at a given time in their career. Incorporating a survival analysis, a technique often used in the medical fields and engineering, provides HR researchers an alternative to turnover that not only eases managers into predictive analytics but also offers practical insights for workforce planning.

Presenter: Andy Eichler
Sr HR Metrics Analyst

Presenter: Jennifer Wulk
Sr Workforce Analytics Consultant

1:15 PM Presentation

Using Agile Development to Generate Value from Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics offers tremendous opportunities for HR to improve its visibility into talent management outcomes. However, despite the excitement, many leaders feel that, when compared to an analytics maturity curve, their progress is limited or has stalled. One of the root causes is the maturity framework itself – it hinders the fluid development of analytics capabilities.

In this session, Derrick will illustrate how “agile development” can improve success in workforce analytics, both in theory and via a healthcare firm case study, across several analytics process steps:  
o   Uncovering and prioritizing problems
o   Applying tools and techniques in concert
o   Strategic and Integrated
o   Turning Insight into Action   

Derrick will close the session with examples of specific tools and techniques used to facilitate agile development of your workforce analytics.

Presenter: Derrick McIver
Professor, Haworth College of Business, Western Michigan University, Consultant, Blue Granite


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