The Power of Partnership, Navigating the Maze of HR Software Providers

The $14 billion HR technology market, with a 2-year HR software spend exceeding that of the previous 10 years combined, has left HR technology decision makers overwhelmed and confused in identifying the system(s) that will deliver the best ROI for their companies.

Two trends stand out: a high degree of fragmentation (hundreds of vendors offer Recruiting solutions, for example) and the rapid introduction of new concepts – artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, employee social networking, and the gig economy.

In light of this, the need for an organization that can help buyers navigate through the maze of legacy and new solution providers with unbiased research and assessment tools that will simplify the selection and deployment process for new HR technologies is great.

Unfortunately, in looking at ways to help HR vendors broaden their relevance and increase their presence, we realized that there is no one company that can deliver on this need and that the fastest way to get there is by pulling multiple resources together and collaborating to deliver the best possible “unbiased research and assessment tool”.

This need lead IHRIM (the International Association of Human Resources Information Management) and MapHR (a leading HR technology hub with a focus on allowing decision makers to identify, preview, analyze and benchmark HR technology vendors) to form a strategic program that offers HR solution providers numerous benefits to engage with prospective buyers through:

  • • Increasing brand awareness
  • • Delivering thought leadership content (blogs, white papers, articles, case studies) to hundreds of thousands of readers
  • • Gaining insight into the competitive HR market
  • • Receiving feedback from MapHR’s Technology Review Council on your solutions
  • • Obtaining access to decision-makers and key stakeholders at different levels

Decision makers looking for an unbiased method to identify the best technology for their company, as well as HR Vendors interested in expanding their marketing dollar reach, that are looking to improve the quantity of qualified leads, can now accommodate these needs by reaching out to IHRIM, MapHR, and their network of partners for help.

IHRIM and MapHR and will be using the newly enhanced MapHR vendor directory as the technology hub that will host vendor company and product information. They will jointly manage the program,

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