Unique HR Technology Ecosystem:
IHRIM Partners with MapHR

In an effort to provide a unique service to HR technology providers and HR technologists as well as increasing communication channels, IHRIM is excited to announce its partnership with MapHR. IHRIM’s vision is to play the leading role in advocating for the HRIT profession, create an HR Technology Education ecosystem, and be an unparalleled community of valuable, recurring social connections.

Our partnership with MapHR is, but one step we have taken. MapHR provides a unique HR technology Hub to “continue the conversation.” MapHR acts as a conduit and closes the gap between different HR groups. With their global reach, MapHR is the ideal platform to exchange innovative ideas to help drive change in the HR space.

Check out MapHR, the IHRIM Vendor Directory as well as all of the content shared by practitioners and vendors alike.

Promoting HR solutions and services that shape the future of HR.


MapHR value add to IHRIM members, Technology Practitioners, consultants and vendors:

  • Looking to increase Brand awareness?
  • Interested in expanding your marketing dollar reach?
  • Committed to expand the reach of your blogs?
  • Wondering what the rest of the HR Technology space looks like?
  • Wish you could get product feedback from exec level HR professionals?
  • Need access to decision makers at various levels?
  • Want access to white papers, reference material, blogs or professional publications from leading and emerging technology vendors to build your awareness?

MapHR and our network of partners can help.

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