HRIP Approved Education Providers

IHRIM’s Approved Education Provider Program allows third-party education providers the opportunity to award RCH’s for their HR information systems related educational offerings. These RCH’s can be used by individuals with the HRIP designation to meet the recertification credit requirements for maintaining their designation.

Approved HRIP Education Providers

For more information pertaining to specific education programs, please contact the sponsoring organization.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP®)

IHRIM Florida Community

Kronos Incoporated

FuelWork (formerly LEHRN)

LRP Publications


Cleveland SHRM

In addition, all of IHRIM’s webinars (including recordings), educational programs, Forums and Annual Conferences are eligible for Recertification Credit Hours.

If you are a provider of HR technology education and would like to submit an application to become an Approved Education Provider, download the application form:

Download IHRIM’s Approved Education Provider Application.

Send any inquiries or questions about the HRIP Approved Provider Program to:

HRIP Approved Education Providers Guidelines

Providers agree to the following:

Audit – IHRIM reserves the right to randomly audit Approved Education Providers to ensure compliance with the established criteria and terms of agreement. If audited, IHRIM may request to review an Approved Education Provider’s program records, including but not limited to marketing materials, program materials, attendee lists, evaluation reports, and presenter’s credentials. IHRIM reserves the right to audit/attend an Approved Education Providers program at no cost to IHRIM.

Content and Program Materials – The content and program materials for each education program must be tied to the HRIP Knowledge Domains. The content outline or agenda of each program must be provided when entering educational offerings into the online form. All programs must be a minimum of 1 hour in length. RCH’s are granted for Education time only. Credit is not granted for time spent on non-leaning activities such as meal functions, breaks, exhibits, etc.

Facilitators – The provider ensures that all instructors and presenters are qualified to facilitate the education program. Facilitators must be competent in the subject matter and understand the education program’s purpose. Participants should be given the opportunity to assess the facilitator’s knowledge and instructional skills at the conclusion of each education program.

Marketing Education Programs – The provider is encouraged to indicate on education program marketing materials the topics covered, targeted audience, program agenda, and applicable approved recertification credit units (if the program meets the guidelines and relates to the HRIP Knowledge Domains).

Means for Awarding Recertification Credit Hours – The provider should have defined means to accurately award program participants the applicable recertification credit hours (RCH). Attendees must be provided with the education program approval number issued by IHRIM. The number can appear in education program handouts or a certificate awarded at completion of the program. The number may only be distributed to attendees of the program.

Organization – The provider must have an identifiable continuing education or training unit, individual or group with responsibility for administering education programs.

Program Environment – The provider ensures that programs are held in an environment conducive to learning. For Webinars and computer- and Web-based programs, the provider must clearly inform participants, prior to registration, of minimum software and/or hardware requirements.

Program Evaluation – The provider ensures that all education programs are evaluated. Evaluations should be compiled and a report produced summarizing the program, including, but not limited to: the program’s title, the date and location conducted, the facilitator, and any comments provided by participants. Approved Education Providers should be prepared to provide copies of program evaluation reports to IHRIM upon request.

Responsibility and Control – The provider, through its continuing education or training unit, ensures that the criteria established by IHRIM for HRIP recertification credit are met. Changes in contact information should be reported to the IHRIM within 30 days.

Revocation of Approved Education Provider Status – Failure to meet one or more of the program criteria could result in revocation of Approved Education Provider status. If status is revoked, no portion of the application fee shall be refunded.

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