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IHRIM Webinar: The Future of Work is Now: How Ready is HR?

February 28 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST



The HR profession is at a crossroads in its evolution. The workforce served by HR is rapidly changing and is being driven by large generational shifts in the working population, combined with a growing population of nimble tech-savvy consumers. By 2020, baby boomers will represent only one out of four employees. By 2025, 95% of baby boomers will have retired from the workforce. Millennials and Generation Z will comprise three out of four employees.

Both millennials and Generation Z, combined with their digital requirements, will begin to influence HR. In many ways, the changes, or megatrends, have already begun.

Examples of Megatrends:
•Employees want purpose and a paycheck
•Employers are creating inspired customer and employee loyalists who wish to be a part of a movement
•Members of high-performance teams would like a human connection, but they may rarely, if ever, be in the same room with the extended team
•The rise of the gig economy
•The largest generation of our time, the millennials, expect the office to offer the same digital experience they have at home
•White-collar and creative jobs are being disrupted by technology, like bots and artificial intelligence and the increasing pace of digitalization

People-related expenditures represent approximately 80 percent of organizational costs, making it even more important for HR to run an efficient, business-led operation that prioritizes the employee experience.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding key disruptions impacting the business, HR, and Technology.
  • The evolution of the digital economy.
  • EY’s point of view on the future of HR