IHRIM Sunrise to Sunset Virtual HR Technology Leadership Summit

August 11, 2021 | 7:00am to 7:00pm Central Standard Time (USA)

Join your HR technology peers at a unique event designed for you and your career-path!

IHRIM’s Sunrise to Sunset Virtual HR Technology Leadership Summit is an innovative approach to learning and sharing insights into the HR technology profession from entry (sunrise) through exit (sunset) with a focus on career development for prospective, emerging, and experienced HR technologists (supporting or leading HRIS or talent management software functions and projects).

We’ve organized the content into four stages of the career lifecycle: entry, evolve, engage, and egress. In addition to the formal learning, the Summit will connect you with leaders in the HR technology field, building life-long networking opportunities to support your growth in HR technology management.

Fast Facts

Take Time to Develop Yourself...

The last twelve months have put incredible pressure on HR and IT professionals. You’ve been forced to revolutionize your approach to HR technology, adapting to unforeseen changes in how work gets done. Long hours, extra shifts, new sources of information, and mission-critical deadlines have become the norm.

Now is the time to step back and take a moment to do something for you – to spend time with your colleagues, to learn new skills for the future, to build a rewarding career-path, and to seek out tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It’s one day – but it could be the most important day of the year.

The Sunrise to Sunset event isn’t an expense. It is an investment – in you and your ability to transform your organization’s approach to HR technology. We want to welcome as many of you as possible; that’s why the registration fee is capped at $50 for IHRIM members and $100 for non-members (who can also purchase an annual IHRIM membership at our new introductory rate of $100, after July 1st)!

Check Out Our Keynote Speakers!

Tracy J. Edmonds

Session: Creating an Authentic Career

Dr. Deborah Waddill

Session: Unleashing your Digital HR Career

Tracy J. Edmonds is the owner of TJE Coaching & Consulting, LLC, where she serves as an executive coach and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultant. She teaches her framework for mastering authenticity as the driver to creating successful careers, teams, and organizations. She specializes in coaching women – especially minority women – to bring out their best in a corporate environment, leaving their unique stamp on the roles they hold and work that they do.

A former corporate executive who served as Chief Diversity Officer at Anthem, Inc., Tracy brings a unique blend of thought leadership, strategic planning and execution mindset to her consulting. She coaches executives and leaders to leverage their authenticity to drive meaningful DEI strategy. With over 30 years of corporate experience ranging from HR to operations and program management, Tracy brings strong business and leadership perspectives to the DEI conversation.

Tracy is also an author and speaker on the topics of diversity, inclusion, authenticity, and leadership. Her book, Wild Hair, A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career, released this March, achieved international bestseller status. She believes that your authenticity is your currency for transforming yourself, your team, or your organization.

Connect with Tracy at tracyj@tracyjedmonds.com, follow her on Twitter and Facebook @TracyJEdmonds, and on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/tracyjedmonds, or visit her website tracyjedmonds.com to learn more.

Dr. Deborah Waddill consults with HR executives to customize HR strategies that maximize talent, learning, and knowledge management. Deborah earned the Alpha Eta Award, the Ralph Stone Servant Leader Award, the AT&T 5.0 Award, and various accolades of satisfied clients. This is due to her unique ability to facilitate development of inventive, powerful HR strategies. Deborah authored two prescient books– Digital HR (Waddill, 2018) and The e-HR Advantage (Waddill & Marquardt, 2011)– both of which serve as university texts offering thought-provoking innovations for current HR leaders.

Sponsorships Available!

This premium event offers multiple tracks and keynote presentations throughout the day on a variety of topics to inform and educate professionals who straddle human resources and technology disciplines. This year’s theme focuses on career pathfinding, strategies, and individual development from entering the field through corporate leadership – Sunrise to Sunset.

Event Schedule

All times are Central Standard Time

Mick Collins



About the Speaker

Global Vice President, , SAP SuccessFactors Mick Collins is a Global Vice President, SAP SuccessFactors, People Analytics and Qualtrics. In this capacity, he oversees presales strategy and execution, with specific responsibilities including go-to-market messaging, commercialization strategy, sales enablement, prospect & customer engagement, alliance management, and product thought leadership. With 12+ years of experience in analytics & planning, Mick has delivered hundreds of presentations and workshops to public- and private-sector organizations on how to build their capabilities for data-driven decision-making in HR. Mick has a master’s degree in political science from Virginia Tech and a BA (Hons) in Economics & Politics from the University of Leeds, England.

John Macy

Founder & MD Competitive Edge Technology

Competitive Edge Technology Pty

Ltd, Australian HR Institute

About the Speaker

John Macy is a globally recognized thought leader in HR technology and has been an industry leader for the last two decades. He founded Competitive Edge Technology in 1994. He was awarded a Life Fellowship with the Australian HR Institute in 2013 and inducted in AHRI’s Hall of Fame in 2020. He is a member of the ISO Standards Committee for Blockchain and was a member of a working group developing Australia’s Blockchain Roadmap. As an HR consultant specializing in technology he has worked throughout Asia and China and spent several years working in America. He has written several books on HR technology and contributed to numerous publications over many years. His extensive HR experience was gained working for Qantas Airways in senior HR positions. He is one of the 21 authors IHRIM invited to write a chapter for their book, 21 Tomorrows: HR Systems in the Emerging Workplace of the 21st Century. His chapter, Component-Based Technology for the Next Decade, was published on IHRIM’s website to promote the publication. He has recently contributed articles and spoken at conferences to promote the benefits of Microservices, Enterprise Blockchain technology and Edge Computing. His HR consulting company, Competitive Edge Technology, developed the first integrated Blockchain to Salesforce Proof of Concept in 2017 and has sought global HR association involvement in the governance layer since that time. He started his long career in HR in 1964 and has lived through and participated in each generation of HR technology. He helped design, develop, and then managed the global implementation of an HRIS in the late 1980s. He has consulted to some of the world’s highest profile companies and government bodies, including the implementation of the Malaysian Government’s 20/20 Vision, funded by the United Nations. He describes his mission now as encouraging HR to take up the globalization of integrated Edge Computing and Blockchain technology, as a platform, to introduce the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to HR processes and help control the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace now and manage future pandemics.


This session will focus on the short-comings of the current generation of HR technology and its ability to deliver the kind of applications needed for the future. The session will describe the nature and characteristics of the new rearchitected HR technology and explain how emerging network infrastructure will enable the mainstream adoption of integrated Cloud, Blockchain and Edge devices. Innovative HR will include AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), Chatbots, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Machine Learning.

HR application cataloguing and product selection will no longer stop at the process level, within HR functions, but will focus on tasks enabled by the new technology. Embedded at the micro level will be intelligent analytics and innovative features delivering actionable insights,

Underpinning the new technology will be multiple integrated platforms taking data captured at the Edge to the company’s back-end database for instant action to protect employees’ health and safety. A use case will be described showing how a COVID-19 infection can be captured on Rapid Testing Kits, recorded on the employee’s smartphone and the information immediately made visible on the company’s data platform. The enabling integrated platform capability will be described to illustrate the process flow. The impact will be employees with a positive test for COVID will not be circulating in the community spreading the virus.

The role HR will play in providing governance to the important blockchain middleware and participation in a distributed ledger architecture will be explained and dispel any myths about complexity or data privacy issues.

Julie Develin

Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

About the Speaker

Julie Develin, MSHRD, SHRM-SCP, GTML SHORT Bio An expert on employee relations, workplace flexibility, and workforce development, Julie Develin is a Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory at UKG, a global leader in workforce cloud solutions. With more than 17 years of experience as an HR executive focused on improving workplace culture and enhancing the employee experience, Develin helps organizations worldwide implement strategic employee technology and workplace initiatives to enhance productivity, improve communication, and increase satisfaction across the workforce. Develin holds an M.S. in human resources development from McDaniel College, where she continues to work today as an adjunct professor and program coordinator in the human resources management and human services management programs. She is also the co-host of The People Purpose Podcast, which explores all the ins and outs of human resources, business, and people processes at work.


As a profession, human resources has gone through perpetual periods of rebirth and renewal. We are now in one such period of rebirth. Once known mainly as “personnel,” HR now has job titles such as Directors of Happiness, People Champions and Chief Culture Officers. These titles represent a more people-centric design, and touch on the increasingly important intangible aspects of the HR profession. Our challenge now becomes determining how to leverage technology in the best ways to ensure we are providing a top-notch employee experience while keeping people at the forefront by aligning HR technology with business strategy. Following a period of heightened expectations, HR’s importance is increasing as organizations shift their focus even more towards people and all the things that come along with people processes at work. This presentation will explore the current rebirth of HR and how it is fueled by technological possibilities. While situational opportunity abounds in all facets of work, we will discuss four distinct ways digital transformation within HR can fuel transformation and drive results throughout organizations as a whole.

  • Leverage technology to ensure employee experiences are in line with current trends and expectations
  • Discover new ways to use data to inform decisions to help create a workplace culture that aligns with organizational intent
  • Explore ways digital workplace ecosystems provide opportunities for learning and growth that transcend global challenges of location, language and time zones
  • Critically evaluate ways your HR technology provides (or does not provide) physical and psychological safety in the workplace

Deborah Waddill

Founder and Executive Consultant

Restek Consulting, LLC

About the Speaker

Dr. Deborah Waddill is an award-winning Executive Consultant who offers collaborative guidance on HR strategic planning. As a recognized Thought Leader, Deborah addresses the inter-dependence of HR leadership, the digital workplace, and technology-enabled learning. Deborah’s expertise is in advising and customizing HR technology strategies to maximize talent, learning, and knowledge management. Her clients span many vertical sectors, from higher education to business, government, and non-profit organizations. Deborah authored two prescient texts: Digital HR (Waddill, 2018), the “how-to” reference on creating an HR digital strategy, and The e-HR Advantage (Waddill & Marquardt, 2011), one of the earliest, thoughtful books to consider the impact of technology on human resources and human resources on technology.

Jacqueline Kuhn

Executive Vice President of Strategic

Consulting Services


About the Speaker

Jacqueline Kuhn, HRIP, is a co-owner of Frisco, Texas-based HRchitect. She currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Strategic Consulting Services and oversees the firm’s practices focused on strategic planning, system evaluation and selection, and change management related to HCM technology systems. Jacqueline is a sought-after speaker in the HCM space and is the author of the book “HRchitect’s Guide to HCM Technology: What you need to know before your next HCM technology purchase.” When not working with clients, Jacqueline enjoys volunteering her services as a certified dog trainer.


The talent management metrics that matter to your organization in a remote work world are very different from the metrics that matter in an in-office environment. Explore the new metrics and competencies that organizations should consider in the new world of work, such as adaptability, self-awareness, empathy, time management, and written communication, as well as how you can adjust your current HCM systems to measure these. Uncover changes your organization should consider related to workforce planning, talent acquisition, total rewards, and succession planning. You’ll leave with actionable insights that you can apply within your organization to bring immediate value.

Learning Objectives:

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify talent management metrics and competencies that are increasingly relevant in a remote work environment.
  2. Understand how to adjust the configuration of existing talent management systems to capture metric/competency-related data.
  3. Understand how specific remote work-related competencies have an impact on businesses and organizations.

Bobbe Baggio

Designer, Architect, L-Tech Warrior

Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc.

About the Speaker

Since 2002, Bobbe Baggio has been CEO of Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc. a company that provides programs, products and research for workplace learning. She believes that technologies are here to help everyone and to enhance human performance. She was Associate Provost of the School of Adult and Graduate Education (SAGE) at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. Her area of expertise is the integration of technologies to enhance human performance including adult and workplace learning. She was the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Online Learning at American University in Washington, D.C. and was previously Program Director of the MS program in Instructional Technology Management at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. Bobbe is the author of seven books, an engaging public speaker, strategic advisor and educator in the field of instructional technologies and learning. She was a consultant in learning and talent development for a global and virtually connected workforce. Her expertise draws upon her experience as a Fortune 100 IT manager, 20 years of consulting experience, and her doctoral studies in instructional design for online learning. Examples of clients include The Federal Reserve Bank, Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, University of Pennsylvania, DOD, PASSHE, Merck, BMS, KPMG, Siemens, Ticketmaster, IMG, Tyco Engineering, Fisher, Christiana Care Health System, Cisco and Adobe.

Roy Altman

CEO & Founder

Peopleserv, Inc.

About the Speaker

Roy Altman is the founder/CEO of Peopleserv, a software/services company. Over a multifaceted career, Roy has delivered value to clientele ranging from mid-size companies to global enterprises. He frequently authors articles on business and technology, has co-authored six books on Business Process Management (BPM), and regularly presents at HR and BPM conferences. He is on the faculty of the Human Capital Analytics and Technology (HCAT) program at New York University. Altman serves as Managing Editor of Workforce Solutions Review magazine and on the board of IHRIM.


For the mid-career practitioner, how do you leverage your knowledge and experience to really move the needle on gaining real insights into the workforce?

For decades, companies have been implementing HR applications in order to meet compliance needs, improve administrative efficiencies, and achieve strategic business outcomes. Yet despite a preponderance of mature HR applications, some companies are rethinking the model of how best to use technology for strategic ends.

Companies are finding that HR Information Systems are difficult and expensive to implement and use, are only partially able to achieve the desired outcomes, and have some inherent problems that go unaddressed. Analytics provides insights into the workforce, but silo’d HR applications can only report on the information captured in that system. Josh Bersin has written that the average large company has 120 employee apps! How can we get our arms around all of that data?

The cloud has presented many opportunities we didn’t previously have. One such opportunity is the advent of cloud data storage. We are now seeing the rise of the managed cloud data platform. The cloud has taught companies that they should focus on the needs of the business, rather than build IT talent to manage integrations and data storage. This where the managed platform comes in: vendors are now managing the services provided by the platform and leaving the clients to be partners to the business.

The rise of the managed cloud data platform allows companies to fill in the gaps between their HR applications, and maintain a repository of all data in the organization so we can do strategic analytics focusing on business issues and not the underlying technology.

Dennis Hill, Ph.D.

IHRIM Board Member & Director of Partnerships & Alliances / Consortium Chair

IHRIM and Consortium DeHR

About the Speaker

Dennis Hill, Ph.D. is President, Managing Member, and chair of EXACTA Corporation, Sagacity LLC, and Consortium DeHR, respectively. He has served as a Board Member of more than 20 companies and organizations, including IHRIM where he is responsible for Partnerships and Alliances. Dr. Hill is an expert C-Suite Change Agent who “solves problems and makes measurements” and #1 International Bestselling Business Author. He has worked for nearly four decades on the development of integrated business systems, including workforce recruitment and human resources, ERP, and CRM, with a unique design focus on data security, privacy, and data ownership. His education includes degrees in Engineering (Biomedical/Electrical/Computer) from Marquette, Business from Sorbonne, and Law from Champlain, as well as senior certifications from SHRM, HRCI, and IHRIM and a member of the Association for Change Management and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Jim Pettit

Past Chair


About the Speaker

Jim is the Manager, HRIS for Wayne Farms where he provides leadership in design, implementation, testing, communication, maintenance, and administration in support of Wayne Farms human resource information systems strategy. A numbers first HR professional throughout his 3+ decade career Jim takes great delight in linking human capital to organizational effectiveness. Jim has been involved in virtually every aspect of corporate leadership, project management, systems implementation, financial management, people management and development. He has lectured, conducted workshops, and been published nationally. Jim’s previous volunteer roles with IHRIM include: Board Member 2003 – 2006, 2015 – Present, Board Chair 2016-2018, CFO, Vice Chair, Finance Committee, Conference Committee, Chapter President, and Chapter Vice President. Jim has a master’s Degree in systems management from the University of Southern California and a BS in Business Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Maryland. Jim has received certification in Human Resources, Human Resources Information, project management, client relationship management, Total Quality Management facilitation, sales, negotiation, strategic management and Workday HCM.

Career Development by IHRIM

“There has always been a lot of HR and IT organizations. IHRIM attracted me because it is for HR information management and technology professionals. I’m fortunate to belong to a company who supports the growth and development of its employees. When HRIP certification was launched, our team studied together and obtained our certifications at the same time. Maintaining this certification requires me to always be involved with HRMS projects, to be connected with other professionals through conferences and training, and to stay current with HR technology trends.”

Yazmin Oliveira, HRIP | Lead Business Analyst | Cox Enterprises

Learn More About the Summit

IHRIM’s Sunrise to Sunset Virtual HR Technology Leadership Summit is the place to connect with professionals from the world of HR information and system management.

With twelve hours of content delivered in a single day by industry leaders and passionate evangelists, informal networking, opportunities for collaboration, surveys, and featured vendors, this event offers immense value whether you’re a seasoned HR technology practitioner or someone seeking to switch careers into HR and talent management applications.

The Summit Will Offer...

  • An international audience of HR technology practitioners and leaders
  • First-hand access to groundbreaking ideas
  • Opportunities to build long-lasting friendships with HR peers
  • A combination of strategic and tactical content
  • Diverse learning formats, from 1-to-many presentations to small group interactions
  • Inspirational topics that recharge and reboot

Our Topics are Relevant to Every HR Technology Professional

Entering the Profession

  • Introduction to the Profession of HR Technology
  • The Growing Importance of HR Applications
  • What Does it Mean to be an “HR Technologist?”
  • A Day in the Life

Evolving Your Career

  • Growing Your Expertise
  • Charting Your Career-Path
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Creating a Positive Mindset

Engaging Your Ecosystem

  • Leading Strategic Projects
  • Managing from the Middle
  • Deriving Value From Your Network of Peers
  • Managing Unexpected Change

Preparing for the Next Phase of Your Career

  • Planning for the Next Generation of Professionals
  • Mentoring for Maximum Impact
  • “Giving Back” to Your Communities
  • Staying Engaged (Flexible Work)

“There is a need for HR professionals to reskill, to gain softer skills in design thinking and harder skills such as integration of technology across HR and beyond.”

Why You Must Attend...

Whether you are a student, new professional, emerging leader, or long-time HRIT professional, researcher, or trail blazer in HR Technology, this conference is for you! You may be looking forward to new professional opportunities, reflecting back on your career path, or at any point along the way.

You should attend if you….

  • Lead HR technology initiatives at your firm
  • Work in or support any aspect of HR technology selection, deployment, and management
  • Maintain software partnerships and want to improve the effectiveness of those relationships
  • Are looking to build a high-performing team of professionals
  • Want to better advise your colleagues on how to advance their careers in HR technology
  • Would like to “give back” to your HRIT community by engaging and developing peers
  • Aspire to make HR technology your future career and want to know how to get started
  • Wish to expand your network of international HR technology leaders

Hear From the Team

The Future of HR Technology: Professionals Must Develop Expertise in Platforms, Technologies, Strategy, and Data Security

“Companies are seeking HRIS specialists with experience getting multiple platforms to work together. That’s not easy when large enterprises use dozens of HR applications. Firms with global operations also need HR technology managers who can oversee centralized HR platforms for some functions and country-specific ones for others. These same technology executives must stay abreast of HR regulations everywhere the business operates and of the latest security safeguards worldwide.”

HR Technology Report, Workforce Magazine