Corporate Membership

An IHRIM corporate membership is an investment in your human capital and a personal development program. Your company owns the membership and therefore can transfer membership between individuals when job responsibilities change. Corporate membership pricing starts below the regular renewal rate price for as few as five members. Plus value added products and services are only offered to corporate members who also purchase the HRIP Certification Program Bundle. Transcend boundaries and accomplish the strategic goals for your company with the help of an IHRIM corporate membership.

IHRIM provides several all-inclusive membership options designed to meet the needs of our members and prospective members.

Corporate Membership Options

IHRIM offers membership discounts for organizations purchasing membership for 5 or more of its employees. An investment in IHRIM corporate membership is an investment in your organization’s human capital. Organizations can bundle a number of products and services and can transfer membership between individuals when job responsibilities change.

IHRIM Corporate Membership Benefits (PDF)
Benefits of a corporate membership and the corporate membership prices.

For over 25 members, please contact
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For Corporate Membership and HRIP Certification Bundled Packages,
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Corporate Membership Testimonials

IHRIM HRIP Certified Resources Study

Raven Intel recently conducted a survey of companies and their HRIS projects. Check out their findings below.

Respondents believe projects with an IHRIM HRIP Certified resource are:

About Raven Intel

Raven Intel is a free, online community to help Enterprise Software customers independently find their perfect Consulting partner.


Corporate Member / HRIP Certification bundle option

Consists of a 12 month IHRIM Corporate Membership and an HRIP Certification Package which includes the recorded webinar series, study guides, practice exams and exam fees for each Corporate Member in the membership – all at a combined discounted rate.

Corporate Membership Agreement Form and HRIP Certification Bundle (PDF)

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