Make AI Your Talent Acquisition Ally.

Avrio is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Talent Platform that begins to reduce 35% of hiring workload from day 1. This leaves your talent acquisition team with more time and energy to focus on strategic, high-value tasks, such as sourcing, engaging with top candidates and building stronger relationships with hiring managers.

Why Everyone Loves Avrio

Talent teams love Avrio because we have built something that is truly unique.

The resume review and screening interview are two interconnected pieces within the hiring process that must be jointly addressed. We build an overall understanding of the candidate through matching and reviewing their resume against specific jobs. Our AI chatbot is then able to fill in the missing pieces of the candidate’s profile during the screening interview.

It is through this approach that we are able to provide consistent, accurate recommendations to support the talent acquisition team’s decision-making and reduce hiring workload by 35%.

Avrio’s platform fully runs in the cloud and integrates with your ATS, so your IT team will love us.

Your CFO will love Avrio because of the savings we help bring to the hiring process.

Most importantly, you will love having an AI that truly works for you.

Discover what Avrio’s AI can do for your Talent Acquisition needs.

Designed for Your Unique Talent Needs.

1. Deliver richer candidate experiences with our chatbot, Rio.

2. Instantly analyze thousands of candidates with AI – Spend minutes, not weeks, efficiently reviewing and screening candidates.

3. Automate the qualifying process – use AI to review, rank and engage with your candidates.