IHRIM’s HRIP Recertification Program supports the ongoing educational and professional development of individuals who have attained the HRIP credential.

To retain the HRIP credential, IHRIM requires all candidates to recertify every three years either by accumulating 60 Recertification Program Credit Hours (RCH) through continuing education, instruction, research and publishing, membership in IHRIM, or recertification by examination.

You may cancel your HRIP credential at any time. To do so, contact IHRIM in writing. IHRIM will not refund portions of any fee.

Recertification through Continuing Education and Professional Activities

Recertification through continuing education and professional activities is designed to:

  • Encourage HR information management professionals to continue their ongoing professional education
  • Encourage and recognize individualized learning opportunities
  • Maintain current certification without retesting
  • Sustain the global recognition and value of HRIP credentials

Your participation in continuing education activities indicates your commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

Recertification by Examination

Recertification by examination candidates must take the exam before their certification cycle expires. Recertification by examination candidates are subject to the same HRIP Certification exam fees as outlined in the HRIP Certification Handbook.

Recertification Term

The recertification term shall be three (3) years commencing on the date the exam was successfully passed.

Recertification Application Process

No later than thirty (30) days before the date of certification expires, an applicant for recertification must:

  • Earn and report the appropriate amount of recertification credit hours (RCH) during each three-year certification term
  • Submit an application to IHRIM accompanied by evidence of completing the certification requirements
  • Reaffirm the HRIP Code of Ethics
  • Submit renewal fee: IHRIM members: $110.00, non-members: $200.00

After processing the completed application and the renewal payment, IHRIM will send you an updated certificate with the new active certification term dates. Please allow 2-3 weeks for postal delivery of your new certification.

Recertification Credit Hours (RCH)

The recertification credit hour (RCH) is the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. Typically, one RCH is earned for every one hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience or activity. Activities must be related to HR information management topics that are substantially consistent with the knowledge domains and objectives outlined in the latest edition of the Human Resource Information Professional Examination Blueprint and involve appropriate expert resources.

Recertification Credit Hours (RCH) Categories

The HRIP Recertification Program organizes RCHs into 4 categories. For complete information on the 4 categories, please go to the HRIP Recertification Program Guide.

Category 1: Professional Membership

  • 1A: IHRIM Membership
  • 1B: Other Professional Membership

Category 2: Continuing Education/Professional Development

  • 2A: Continuing Education Units/ Accredited College or University Credits
  • 2B: IHRIM Professional Development
  • 2C: Professional Development Offered by Other Education Providers

Category 3: Professional and Volunteer Activities

  • 3A: Course Organizer, Faculty, Speaker at Accredited College or University
  • 3B: Instructor/Presenter Credit
  • 3C: Author Credit
  • 3D: Volunteer Service

Category 4: On-the-Job Experience

How to Report your RCH Activities

You are responsible for tracking your RCH activities as they occur. The most efficient way is to record them using the IHRIM Recertification Application and Credit Report Form.

You must report your RCHs and complete the renewal process prior to the end of your HRIP certification term in order to avoid suspension of your credential(s) (refer to the Suspended Status section in the Certification Handbook for more details).

If you do not earn and report the required RCHs within your certification term, your HRIP certification status will be revoked.

For complete information on IHRIM’s HRIP Recertification Program, please download the
HRIP Recertification Program Guide.

Send any inquiries or questions about certification to:

HRIP Certification Downloads