HRIM Committees

IHRIM committees are comprised of IHRIM members who are also volunteers. The committees meet on a regular basis via conference call to discuss IHRIM’s educational programming, vet new technologies, develop the IHRIM magazine and to connect affiliate leaders. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee please contact IHRIM at

Affiliate Relations Committee

Laurie Carantit
Janna Hartsock
John Hinojos
Brenda Leisinger
Matthew Peterson
Cathy Sparks

New Technologies Committee

Previously, IHRIM hosted a group called the New Technology Committee. Over the many months of existence the committee reviewed vendors whose new products enhanced our HR technology in disruptive ways. The vendors have received valuable, candid feedback from the committee and have, in some cases, taken the committee advice on marketing, relevance, positioning, and product capabilities. To broaden the vendor appeal and to create more committee members, we have partnered with a company called MapHR.
MapHR has renamed this group the Technology Review Council, will manage this process, and already has over 100 members listed before it even launches. The charter is much the same, spending an hour a week reviewing a demonstration from a vendor seeking candid feedback on their idea, their presentation, and their market position. And the vendor list is growing quickly as vendors hear about the value of this service.
If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Nov Omana, a long time IHRIM member, who manages this group to learn about the process, the vendors, and to join up!

Workforce Solutions Review Committee

Tom Faulkner
Patty Huber
Bruno Querenet
Michael Rudnick
Scott Bolman
David Gabriel
Eric Lesser
Michael Martin
Roy Altman
Shawn Fitzgerald
Darshana Narayanan